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This is a project I did with a group of students. The objective of this project was to create a more cohesive and environment aware society on a given village in Overijssel. Together with the chairmen of the village we came up with a concept to award the most sustainable resident and business of the village with a prize. This encourages the residence to pursue a sustainable lifestyle and they are also motivated to rejoin for this common goal. We came up with a voting system that the residence can use to vote for the most sustainable resident and business.

The prize was a place of honor at the local website and a sticker you can stick on the window saying you won the award that year.

To bring up the competition and awareness, there also was an award for the least aware and sustainable residence and company. This helped the one that won that prize, to work harder next year to avoid getting this prize.

Free translation:
Green sticker “Winner” “We are / I am” “Sustainable”
Red sticker: “Winner” “We are not / I am not” “Sustainable”


Used software:
Adobe® Illustrator


Dates from:
April 2011

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Sustainable neighborhood award sticker
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