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This was a form study of the human head, I was trying to get more knowledge on how the human head was formed. I read somewhere that if you really want to understand the form and underlining structure of the human head you need to start by practicing creating a human skull. That way you know why some facial features are where they are. As example I used anatomical drawings. This was my first serious attempt in the 3D Sculpting software ZBrush. And of course I had to make a piraty-like pile of skulls just because I can. Wanna see me SUPER-SPEED-SCULPTING this skull? click here


Used software:
Pixologic ZBrushMaxon Cinema 4DAdobe® Photoshop


Dates from:
January 2013

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Skull Sculpt
Skull Sculpt
Skull Sculpt
Skull Sculpt
Skull Sculpt
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