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This is a concept I have developed for the Swedish company IKEA. The object was to develop a product for the target audience Students (wordplay: Stødent). The product had to serve two purposes they could be used for and must fit in the existing IKEA assortment. I started by researching students and their connection to IKEA. Than I choose a niche market (traveling Students) and mapped their behavior. After a long research it became clear that there are a lot of students struggling with their laundry. They take their laundry to their parents home for the weekends and clean them there. They struggle because they have a lot of clothes and a clumsy bags to transport them. I developed a solution for this specific problem by combining a laundry basket with a backpack.


This concept is well documented and protected!
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Used software:
Adobe® Photoshop


Dates From:
March 2010

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IKEA Stødent
IKEA Stødent
IKEA Stødent
IKEA Stødent
IKEA Stødent
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