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This is a short film I’ve made for a school project. The assignment was to research a subject of your choosing and develop a concept for the possible future scenarios. In this film I visualize the possible future of gaming and how I think gaming should looks like in the year 2020 or beyond.


Concept (in a nutshell):
We’re constantly craving for more realism in gaming. We want to feel like we’re in the game and really connecting with the characters we play. We don’t just want to play the character we want to BE the character.


Games get more and more realistic, because of the increasing computer power. At some point in the future the traditional monitor, keyboard and mouse will reach it’s maximum potential of realism. We have to find other ways to make the game more realistic. we don’t just want to play the character we want to be the character.


In this concept I’ve used a type of “exoskeleton”  as input device. This can provide that kind of realism in games. We can use the exoskeleton to really crawl into the characters skin so to speak. The exoskeleton records your movement therefore  you will be able to move around in the game. On the other hand the exoskeleton can also make you move by giving it’s own input. In this way it can set boundaries or make you movements heavier so you cant go trough walls for example. It can make you feel like you lifting something heavy or swimming trough water.


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Used software:
AfterEffectsAdobe® PhotoshopAdobe® Audition


Dates from:
November 2010

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