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When I was an intern at BNN (among many other things) I designed their website for the television show ‘Spuiten & Slikken’. They needed a new appealing appearance to keep the show new and interesting for the audience. The current appearance was hanging towards a traveling theme, with sun, sea and beach as the main focus.
They wanted the new look to have a late-night show feeling. The studio was transformed into this late-night theme and the website had to have a similar look and feeling. I was given the assignment to create the concept and design for the website.
The background of the studio was given a skyline look. I used this as inspiration for the website. Because of the nature of the show I wanted to show that behind every innocent front door there happens something naughty. The things that you see behind the windows reflects the items presented in this show. I wanted it to be suggestive but freely interpretable for everybody’s own imagination. In a way you only see wat you want to see behind the windows. They really loved the concept.
This website was used for over 2 years but has recently been replaced by another theme. This is how these things go in the television business. šŸ˜‰
Used software:
AdobeĀ® Photoshop
November 2011

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BNN: Spuiten en slikken
BNN: Spuiten en slikken
BNN: Spuiten en slikken
BNN: Spuiten en slikken
BNN: Spuiten en slikken
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